April 18th , 2019 Mercat Basement - Looking for the perfect place to meet friends and family, relax, unwind and debrief from work? Then look no further than the Mercat. Whether you want to catch up over ...The house is divided into four levels: a basement, two floors for living and a loft. The original building was small and measured only 12 x 16 meters with two ...Casa Calvet (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkazə kəlˈβɛt]) is a building, designed by Antoni Gaudí for a textile manufacturer which served as both a commercial ...SMOKED FISH ARANCINI … 9 caper-chili aioli, trout roe, paprika. POTATO-LEEK SOUP … 10 crispy fingerlings, brown butter, black truffle. MIXED LETTUCES … 10

mercat basement

Gary Y Clark